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We have been making history in Environmental Energy
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We have been making History in Renewable Energy
My first encounter with Renewable Energy was in 1988, more than 20 years ago. An engineer and active sport pilot, I began developing airplanes that take off without producing noise or exhaust. At the time, the only suitable technology to power a light aircraft was solar PV cell; in 1990, I am proud to have directed a team that successfully crossed the US in an aircraft powered only by the sun.

I continued my challenge in 2005 by circumnavigating Iceland--a pioneer in renewable energy research and production--in a self-designed fuel cell vehicle, making national and international headlines while spreading a message of sustainability. Through these and other eco-adventures, I became convinced that solar and fuel cell energies could not only propel vehicles over great distances, but also have practical applications.

As a result, I have sought to spread the message of renewable energy, in particular by educating citizens of my native Japan. Using small-scale demonstrations--including h-tec fuel cells--I began sharing my experience through numerous lectures at schools, organizations, corporations and local government agencies. I have also conducted awareness campaigns promoting renewable energy for the national government of Japan. As my achievements grew, I was eventually appointed advisor to aid in developing the current range of h-tec educational products.

Fossil-based energy supplies are not infinite; we must continue our search for/study of alternatives, especially in consideration of environmental impact. This begins by captivating the next generation of engineers--your students--with the excitement and potential of renewable energy production. As petroleum, which used to enrich our lives during the 20th century, is gradually replaced by wind, solar and hydrogen, the innovations and discoveries of the next generation will be counted upon heavily.

At Terran Cell, our commitment is to realize an ecologically sustainable future by delivering superior learning products that help educate the world about renewable energy.

Kenji Bamba
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