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We have been making history in Environmental Energy
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We have been making History in Renewable Energy
1. Undertaking of lectures and classes
We have given more than 50 lectures and classes up to now for schools, organization, corporations and local governmental agencies mainly in Asia. Our experience speaks for itself. Our lecture approaches have been received well especially in the field of education for children. We aim to educate children to be active and responsible members for their communities to increase awareness and promote new energy solutions for the next generation. If you are interested in having us conduct lectures and classes, please contact us for contents, details and fees.

Some features and highlights of our demonstrations and lectures:
  • One of the most highlighted themes during our lectures and class is to discuss and explore the potentiality of Renewable Energy by using some of our past case studies; two main adventure cases, i.e. Across the U.S. Continent Flight with self-crafted solar power airplane, and Iceland Circular Tour with self-crafted fuel cell vehicle.

  • In addition to lecturing technical details and mechanisms, our approach is also to convey the "excitement" of science and developing these technologies. We make sure this is not only a science project for your students but also the fun lays in every challenge.

  • We also explore other Sustainable Energy resources (alternative energy) such as Wind Power and Bio Diesel fuel and not to mention Solar Cell and Fuel Cell.

  • Demonstrations and lectures are done using our educational tool kits. This helps students become more interested in how Energies are produced and help improve their understanding.

  • Thinking process among students is also a key factor during these lectures and demonstrations. We will closely work with students, encourage them to exchange opinions and questions with us, as we guide them on a tour of Renewable Energy studies and help them discover the present condition of energy and the ideal solutions for our future.

2. Product Rentals

We rent out our tutorial, demonstration products to small scale organizations, lecturers, professors and schools. If you are interested in our rental options, we are able to rent out upon request for short-term rental for use in exhibitions, lectures, and classes. We also offer counseling and instruction services for setups and usage of our products. Please contact us for fees and details about our rental option service.
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