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Solar-Hydrogen Energy Cycle
Diminishing resources, more severe environmental pollution and ever-increasing demand for energy force us to reconsider the structure of our energy supply system.
Our global resources of fossil and nuclear fuels are limited. The necessary changes in our energy supply system can be accomplished if we are able to establish regenerative energies like solar, wind and hydroelectric energy as a fundamental part of the energy market.

One issue we are faced with when we use solar panels or wind power plants to produce electricity is that energy supply and demand often do not coincide. For example, a solar panel will provide electricity during the day but we might want to use electricity to power a light in the evening. Or, we might want to use wind-generated electricity in a place far away from the power plant. Hence, when supply and demand do not coincide we need a convenient way to both store and transport regenerative energy. This is where hydrogen comes into play, as a future storage and transport medium for energy. The combination of solar energy for electricity production and hydrogen for energy transport and storage is called the solar-hydrogen energy cycle. During times when solar panels and wind power plants supply more energy than needed the excess energy is used to produce hydrogen (bottom path on the transparency). This is accomplished with electrolyzers that use electricity to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen (and potentially the oxygen) can be stored and transported as necessary. When we need electricity the gas (es) are fed into a fuel cell which converts the chemical energy of the hydrogen (and oxygen) into electricity, water and heat. In this way our energy demands can be met anywhere and anytime.

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Solar-Hydrogen Energy Cycle
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